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MLM Generation, Repurchase Plan Software with Franchise

                                                             Accuracy, security, and versatility ensure absolute integration with the online MLM Software.

MLM Generation Plan Software – Repurchase Software

This MLM Generation Plan Software also is known as Repurchase Plan, Gap Commission Plans is a target based MLM Plan where each affiliate sets targets for their respective down line. These goals are to be achieved in a particular time constraint and the member will be rewarded with incentives and bonuses, thus making it motivational enough.

Ixooweb has an entire team of MLM Software Consultants offering satisfying services and support. Especially valuable for the manufacturers of the consumable market, this plan serves other industries as well. The costly ad and media expenses are ignored as the network relies on a group of affiliates, members, and mouth publicity.

Our team at Ixooweb works for the ultimate satisfaction of clients directed to lead their business on the growth scale. The versatile software designed by the experts of Ixooweb, ensures accuracy, security, and cooperative integration.

Why Ixooweb for Generation Plan Software?

Money making is not our criteria to excel in the industry. We don’t count our success on the increasing list of customers, but serving them with content solutions. With our expertise, experience, and skills, we bring on the table the best quality solutions that will assure the highest level of success and productivity for your business.

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Key features of Generation/ Repurchase Plan Software

  • Payment Integration
  • Franchise/ stock point Management.
  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Inventory Stock Management
  • Product Purchase Reports
  • Product Sale Reports
  • Franchise Stock Exchange
  • Billing (Receipt Printing)

Unlike other companies that work to make more money by offering cheap quality software, Ixooweb works for your success. We strongly believe that our success depends upon yours, and thus we ensure the products and solutions we offer meet your expectations and give you huge success in your business.

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