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Binary Plan is most popular and evergreen MLM Plan in multi level marketing industry

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MLM Binary Plan Software

The most prominently used software in most of the MLM companies is Binary Software MLM Plan. Pre-dominantly, MLM companies choose this Software Plan which can include typically large scale or small scale marketing company.

Typical features of the plan have been well-introduced in the software by the expert developers of the Ixooweb, such as functionality, report formation, infographic to submerge the detailed records and data of the business enterprise.

The software plan has its interest in wide-magnetism from the industry.

  • It is simple and easy to understand.
  • Comprehensible presentation of hierarchical data of users.
  • Explicit formation of financial reports.
  • Updated status of the users of MLM companies.
  • Sponsorship reports and, etc.

Ixooweb haughtily announces to be the developers of best MLM Binary Plan Software in India, carrying the expert team of smart developers and the experience through in and out of the industry. The accuracy and updated technology provide improvised solutions for MLM Industries. The latest APIs counting in the payment gateways, SMS integration, mobile-friendly binary software features, user-friendly designs and dashboard, easily identifiable links, and customized design to flexible your requirements, etc are fully integrated to the software plan developed to its latest updated version.

Features of Binary Software Plan:

  • Easily manageable user/clients panel for customers and managers to register their profile, their down lines, the network reach, and the updated status position.
  • Control mechanism showcasing individual accounts, payouts, rewards, and promotions, typically displaying the changes in network in one glimpse.
  • Designing the website by the preference of the customer.

Ixooweb Software’s – Benefits

  • Web based Application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Real–Time Access
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Accuracy & Consistency
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Free MLM Consultancy

MLM Binary Software Features

  • Member Management
  • MLM Report
  • Downline / Upline Report, Left Right Member List
  • Geneology Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)
  • e-Pin Management
  • Multiple Secure e-Wallet
  • Payout Statement
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FREE MLM Binary Plan Software Demo

When choosing the service provider, the services need to be compared, tried and tested to avoid any faults occurring after purchase. Also, the suiting plan to your business framework is a substantial task to define idealness. After-sales services, support services are the basics of testing, provided by the most.

Ixooweb has brought up to ease your burden of choosing the best MLM Plan for your business by offering MLM Software Demo, where one can differentiate the application and the suiting requirements of a particular plan which turns an advantage over the other.

About MLM Binary Plan – MLM Industry is Most Popular Concept

The MLM Binary plan is most popular MLM plan among the MLM companies, MLM business individuals, part-timers, network marketers and all other members who want to start their MLM business. The concept of Binary MLM plan is based on two legs network growth whereas one on left side and another on right side. When one person joins the network, he/she introduce new joiners either on left or right side in the Binary Tree Structure, where one side is referred to power leg and another side is profit leg.

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