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Binary Plan is most popular and evergreen MLM Plan in multi level marketing industry

With this plan, members are able to accumulate wealth for themselves. It is also called the Unilevel X Up MLM since compensations can be paid from the X level irrespective of what number X may represent. It is referred to as “Pass-up” sales by some since the sales made are actually passed to a user’s upline.



How the Australian X Up Plan works

The Australian X Up plan works in a simple way. When the X is replaced by 2 for example, it becomes Australian 2-Up plan. In this plan, a user earns nothing from his downline members during the first sale as the entire sales made by his downlines goes to his upline.

The user is only able to earn when his downlines have now recruited members. At this point, the sales made by the newly recruited members of his downline are passed unto him. And it continues on and on like a chain.

Australian X Up Plan MLM Software

Australian X Up MLM Plan Compensation

Australian X Up Plan MLM Software
Australian X Up Plan MLM Software

Sponsor Bonus

A user earns the sponsor bonus only when he is able to reach the X-level. Various companies have different X-levels as this is set by the company.

Level Commission

The level commission is earned when downlines make sales. With the Network software, administrators can set up the level to infinity since the level to which it can go is not specified.





Fast Start Bonus

Usually, the MLM company sets a particular target to be reached within a specified time and whenever members are able to reach these targets within the specified time, their account is immediately credited with the fast start bonus.

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